Differences between Thailand and the UK

With Thailand and the UK sitting on opposite sides of the world, it is obvious that there would be significant differences between the two countries. Contrasts in weather, language, population, and religion are some of the more obvious changes one notices. However, there are also numerous smaller and slightly more subtle variations between life in the UK and life in Thailand that become apparent after spending more time in the “Land of Smiles”. Below are five differences I have noticed between the UK and Thailand:

1. Greetings

In the UK, the most common form of greeting is a handshake. This is the appropriate action to take when meeting someone new in both social and business situations. However, in Thailand, a traditional form of greeting known as the “Wai” is the most appropriate action to take. The “Wai” involves pushing both palms together and slightly bowing. While there are many variations of this greeting around Asia, it is certainly a...

Road Trip along the East Coast of Australia

Of my many travel experiences, one that really stands out was a three-month road trip along the east coast of Australia. While it is well-known that Australia is a very large country, it is difficult to understand exactly how expansive the “Land Down Under” is until you have experienced it first-hand. Starting at Melbourne in the southeast corner of Australia, my friend and I planned to drive almost the full length of the coast to Cairns in the northeast tropics of this giant continent.

Melbourne is a wonderful city, full of numerous cultures, cafes, and restaurants. The national sport, Australian Rules Football (AFL), is prominent throughout the city with two enormous stadiums dedicated to hosting the several local teams. We caught a match at the MCG, one of the world’s largest stadiums, before jumping into our rented car to begin the almost 3,000-kilometre journey to Cairns.

It’s difficult to know what to expect when driving through the...

Recommended Travel Destination in Thailand

Thailand is a country of contrasts and beauty, with travel destinations that appeal to everyone’s tastes. However, for those seeking a brief break from the hustle of Bangkok, Cha-Am is a highly recommended beachside town with plenty to offer visitors. Located to the south of the capital, Cha-Am is part of Phetchaburi Province and approximately a three-hour drive from the city, making it ideal for a weekend break or even as a day-trip destination.

The main reason to visit Cha-Am is the idyllic, white sand beach. It stretches for many kilometres beyond the length of the town and sits beside clear, blue water. Unlike some other beaches in Thailand, particularly the island beaches to the south of the country, Cha-Am beach is not overly busy. There are usually deck chairs available for rent which sit under the much needed, cooling shade of umbrellas.

The beach is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the day, with a vendor selling drinks, ice-cream...

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