July 10, 2020


English Kid's Program opens now for you to sign up!

This course will start from 17-28 of August 

Term 1   (17-21 August 2020: 8,750 THB)

Term 2  (24-28 August 2020: 8,750 THB)

*Early bird discount 10%*

June 15, 2020

GEOS is now re-opening on 15th of June 2020 

Please follow the guide to social distancing as we mention here. To stop the spread of infectious diseases by limiting contact between you and other people.

1. You must wear a face mask.

2. Body temperature must be below 35.7 degrees Celsius.

3. Students must remain at least 2 meters apart from others.  

4. Masks must be worn inside the classroom. 

5. Students must use the hand sanitizer provided.

6. No food and beverages are allowed in GEOS.

7. The coffee service is unavailable at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! 

March 24, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. GEOS is closed until further notice. We will keep you updated. 

Attention! current and future GEOS students! GEOS is still your first stop for learning English and Thai languages. 

You can reschedule your old classes, or book new classes and learn with one of our qualified teachers online.

If you're interested please contact us on LINE: geosthailand and geosvicmall

February 8, 2020

 GEOS offers you the highest quality customized corporate training programs!

Our qualified native English teachers can help you to achieve your goals and objectives.

GEOS offers a variety of standard or custom-developed programming for companies and organizations. These programs are designed to develop employee knowledge and skills.

GEOS offers you a free demo lesson and free level check as well!

February 1, 2020


Every big city in the nation is having its problems with pollution ; they are all in the same boat.

October 2, 2019

English Kid's Course

The classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

Central's classes enable children to develop creative learning and focusing on their confidence to speaking English. Our experienced teachers can teach all kids by age up to 5 years old.

All classes are focusing on reading, speaking, writing and listening parts which helps students to be able to speak English confidently.

September 4, 2019

Pub Culture

The term pub is a short term for “public house.” A British pub is a place in the neighborhood
where people gather for drinks and discussions after the daily grind.

  • Order from the bar and not from your table. The pubs do not usually have table service.

  • When seated with a group, one should get the order of everybody so as not to crowd the bar.

  • To give tip to your server, offer him or her a drink. It will be added to your tab. If a tip jar is existent, monetary tips are welcome as well.

  • One bell from the bar means last order. Two means the bar is closed.

The next time you see yourself impatiently falling in line to get tickets to a film showing, think of the humbling history of queuing which traces back to World War II.

Turns out, this social action in which Bri...

June 25, 2019

 We have a quick interview with Miss. Sarara Ueno about how she comes to study at Geos  And what she thinks about GEOS Thailand.

Please check it out here and more videos at GEOS Thailand!

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