July 10, 2020


English Kid's Program opens now for you to sign up!

This course will start from 17-28 of August 

Term 1   (17-21 August 2020: 8,750 THB)

Term 2  (24-28 August 2020: 8,750 THB)

*Early bird discount 10%*

March 24, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. GEOS is closed until further notice. We will keep you updated. 

Attention! current and future GEOS students! GEOS is still your first stop for learning English and Thai languages. 

You can reschedule your old classes, or book new classes and learn with one of our qualified teachers online.

If you're interested please contact us on LINE: geosthailand and geosvicmall

February 8, 2020

 GEOS offers you the highest quality customized corporate training programs!

Our qualified native English teachers can help you to achieve your goals and objectives.

GEOS offers a variety of standard or custom-developed programming for companies and organizations. These programs are designed to develop employee knowledge and skills.

GEOS offers you a free demo lesson and free level check as well!

January 3, 2020

English Kid's Course

The classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

GEOS's classes enable children to develop creative learning and focusing on their confidence to speaking English. Our experienced teachers can teach all kids by age up to 5 years old.

All classes are focusing on reading, speaking, writing and listening parts which helps students to be able to speak English confidently.

Weekdays classes

Tuesday (Let's Go 5) Intermediate level for kids

17.00-17.50 (1 Lesson)


Let's Go 1& Phonics class at 17.00-17.50 (1 Lesson) for starter

Let's Go 2 at 17.00-17.50 (1Lesson) for elementary

Let's Go 3 at 17.00-17.50 (1Lesson)

for upper-elementary

Let's Go 5 at 18.00-18.50 (1Lesson) for Intermediate


Super Mind5 at 17.00-17.50 for upper-intermediate

Direct Method and let's go 1 at 18.00-18.50 for starter

Let's Go 3 at 18.00-18.50 for upper elementary


Let's Go 1 at 16.00-16.50 for starter

October 15, 2019

★ TOEFL, IELTS and SAT courses

★ Specific courses are flexible

★ Experienced teachers and high quality teaching

★ The course is suitable for all learners who wish to have the tests and pass an exam confidently.

★ Free level check and trial lesson

★ Private lesson is discounted to 10%

July 18, 2019

The class will use a variety of learning techniques. These include pair work or group work discussions and individual presentations that use the text book, multimedia. In class, students will work, learn and speak together. You will be more confident to speak English at your workplace!

★ Group class is maximum with 6-8 people /1 class

★ Our qualified teachers

★ All is inclusive of tuition fee and textbook fee

🔥 Free trial lesson and level check!

📣 Contact GEOS at 02-2614646-7, 063-2056326

LINE ID : geosthailand , geosvicmall

June 5, 2019

GEOS provides Online Lesson ( Skype Lesson ) for our students.

There are various advantages to studying English, Japanese or Thai languages, you can study wherever you are.

1. We have experienced native teachers

2. Private lessons ( Meaning you have freedom to create your own course with the teacher. You can also choose the date and time that suite you)

3. All you need is an internet connection and Skype. Make yourself comfortable wherever you choose to do your lesson!


Package 24L flexible course ( duration of 5 months)

: Is discounted by 10% and free 4L

Package 48L flexible course ( duration of 8 months)

: Is discounted by 20% and free 10L

Click here for more information

May 10, 2019

English and Chinese for kids ( October 2019 ) *Early bird discount 15%* 3 weeks course and above by May 2019)

This short-term enrichment English program is specially designs for children to improve their reading, listening and speaking skills.

Our Chinese course offers and introduction for beginner Chinese which will cover reading, pronunciation and emphasis on speaking and listening.

Our October kids course is mainly for kids with age from 7-15 years old.

This is a group lesson and maximum 14 students per class.

Both English and Chinese teachers are native speakers from USA or UK and China.

: Monday- Friday 3 hours ( 9.30 am - 12.30 pm or 13.30-16.30 pm)

: Monday - Friday 6 hours ( 9.30 am - 12.30 pm AND 13.30 pm - 16.30 pm )

March 28, 2019


In this course you will learn:
• all you need to know about the IELTS test procedure and format

• useful strategies and skills for the IELTS academic tests

• how to practise and develop your IELTS skills by completing IELTS-style tests in reading, listening, speaking and writing

🔸 Special Promotion 

      Up to 15% off❗ (for private lessons)

🔸  Free level check❗

March 11, 2019

Special Promotion for University Students 🎉

Study English Group Course 👲👱‍♀
Start at 165 THB/Hour ❗

Study English in this summer break 💖
🔸 Short course 20 lessons
🔸 Intensive course for 3 skills (speaking, listening, grammar)
🔸 Convenience transportation (Near BTS Asoke, MRT Sukhumvit)
🔸 Other courses: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or SAT

👉 Register today for Free Trial Lesson ❗

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