This is a highly personalised part-time English conversation course for social or business purposes. The classes are kept deliberately small so that our teachers can focus on the learning needs of students.

Mysprint features online interactive lessons that can be downloaded from the ReallyEnglish application. The online material can be used on a range of devices including, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Each online lesson can be completed before (or after) students take a related lesson in the classroom. Studying online offers students the freedom to study when and where they like as often as they like.


Each Mysprint lesson is a 50-minute session. Students can study two lessons once a week or four lessons twice a week from Monday to Saturday.


The class sizes for Mysprint are limited to a maximum of six students per class. Every class is taught by a qualified native English teacher. 


Mysprint is a four-level series for adult and young-adult learners of English from beginner to upper-intermediate level.


The units cover a wide range of topics including, everyday conversation, business language, academic, social, jobs, shopping, literature, health, sports, culture, music, travel, personalities, etc...


Students are invited to take a "Level Check" with one of our native teachers to help determine the best course for them.


Please contact us for further details. 



With private lessons, the teacher can observe your improvement and offer personal advice and tips. You can fix the day and time of your lesson in advance.


If you find it difficult to fix your lessons on the same day each week, we can offer a "FLEX" course to make it easier for you.


An experienced teacher will guide you in SAT, TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS to achieve your goal. You can also study for international school exams. 


A free level check and 25 min trial lesson are available. Please contact us here



This course focuses on the general English skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Topics include vocabulary and expressions related to sports and outdoor activities, clothing, parts of the body, family members, school and classroom language, and so on. Students will be equipped with practical English expressions, vocabulary, verb patterns and structures that are useful in academic and social situations. 


Age group 5 to 12 years old. 


The children's course is available in both private and group lessons. Group lessons have four to six students in the classroom. 


Please contact us for further details.



From beginner to advanced levels, you can choose the topic based on your needs, such as general conversation, business conversation, Thai alphabet, etc. The same teacher will be in charge of your improvement throughout the course and you will become effectively equipped with Thai language skills.


The Thai language course is available in both private and group lessons. 


Please contact us for further details.



We will arrange a customised lesson for your company by sending our experienced native teacher to your premises. We can propose short or long term language lessons based on your curriculum, goal, or budget.


An attendance record and short test can be provided for every class with progress checked using an individual evaluation sheet.


Japanese, Thai, and English teachers are currently available.


Please contact us for further details.