EIKEN's class is opening in August 2018

EIKEN is one of the most widely used English-language testing programs in Japan. EIKEN can be used as a language skills certificate for study abroad such as in North America and Australia. GEOS provides Summer Program in August 2018.

★When do we start this program?

- We start from Monday 6 of August - 31 of August 2018

- 1 class is maximum to 12 students

- teach by our native teachers

- free trial is also available for 1L

- focus on 4 skills ( Speaking , Reading , Writing and Listening)

- 1 day trip to Children's Discovery Museum Bangkok , Rose Garden) send email to us at enquirythailand@geosasia.com to get more information.

- Tuition fee is 1,790THB ( for 1 day)