English Kid's Course

English Kid's Course

The classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

GEOS's classes enable children to develop creative learning and focusing on their confidence to speaking English. Our experienced teachers can teach all kids by age up to 5 years old.

All classes are focusing on reading, speaking, writing and listening parts which helps students to be able to speak English confidently.

Weekdays classes

Tuesday (Let's Go 5) Intermediate level for kids

17.00-17.50 (1 Lesson)


Let's Go 1& Phonics class at 17.00-17.50 (1 Lesson) for starter

Let's Go 2 at 17.00-17.50 (1Lesson) for elementary

Let's Go 3 at 17.00-17.50 (1Lesson)

for upper-elementary

Let's Go 5 at 18.00-18.50 (1Lesson) for Intermediate


Super Mind5 at 17.00-17.50 for upper-intermediate

Direct Method and let's go 1 at 18.00-18.50 for starter

Let's Go 3 at 18.00-18.50 for upper elementary


Let's Go 1 at 16.00-16.50 for starter