Brendon is from Bath in the southwest of England. He has over 10 years' teaching experience in Asia. His lessons are tailored to accommodate each of his students' personality, favored learning style, and long-term goals.

In his free time, he loves to be outdoors whether it be in a park, on a mountain, or on one of Thailand's many beautiful beaches.


Simon believes that improving our communication skills is the key to making our dreams come true. His passion is helping students to achieve their goals and to become excellent communicators in English. Simon is from Toronto, Canada, and have lived and worked for many years in Japan and Thailand in public schools, universities, and international schools. Having the opportunity to meet so many students from so many countries has been a wonderful experience. Tell him what your goals are, and together, let's make your dreams come true!


George is from New York, USA. He worked at two private Bangkok schools before joining the GEOS. Prior to that he worked for the US Army, a private contractor, and as an entrepreneur. His interests include playing or watching sports, fishing, and touring around Thailand on his motorcycle.


Teacher Ong is also our GEOS's principal. She has been teaching Thai to foreigners for 18 years. She can speak a little bit of English and Japanese too. She tries to explain difficult topic easier. Her hobby is jogging, swimming, cooking and embroidering.


Teacher Pla used to live in Japan for 6 years. She knows the importance of  learning the local language when living abroad. It makes your world broader and helps you to build friendship. She tries the best to use her experiences in the classroom.  


Teacher Goo studied Thai language as a major subject at university. He offers lessons customized for each student. He speaks fluent English and a little bit of Japanese too. His hobby is watching Japanese movies and  surfing the internet. He loves eating Japanese food.

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Corporate Lesson

Comments from students:

- "This is my first time to learn about Business English in class with my co-workers. I really appreciate how you chose the terrific activities for every class."

- "The course is enjoyable. I like the class where I have a chance to practice speaking skills."

- "Thank you Simon! I wish the course was longer to enjoy more."



Semi Private Class


English Semi Private

Comments from Students:

- " We have studied English Semi Private at GEOS Thailand for 6 months. The teacher is always helpful and friendly. We can enjoy speaking and get more confidence in English."

- "Our teacher helps us learn exactly what we want in the semi private class. Thank you teacher!"



Business Group class


Business group class

Comments from Students:

- " We have studied Business English for 6 months. We have enjoyed studying here at GEOS because we have a great native teacher who can always help us to improve English skills moreover, we can use in a daily life even if at our workplace. the class is very suitable maximum of 6 people per class."